Block Ice Machine



1. Green Cooling: Energy saving &Optimal cooling efficiency

2. Accurated Control:PLC combine with sensitive sensors&valves

3. Easy Operation Design:Automatical Control work with touch screen

4.Reliable Parts:Bitzer/Copeland/Danfoss/Johnson/Schneider/LS etc. 

Block Ice Machine
Block Ice Machine
Block Ice Machine

ALLCOLD Block Ice Machine Brife Introduction:

ALLCOLD engineers designed the unique Block Ice Machine specifically to freeze ice automatically in steel cans, after the total water turn into ice,heat the steel cans by warmer water or hot gas from the system,then lay down the cans,the block ice will come out.


1.Fish/Seafood icing 

2.Produce Cooling/Meat/Poultry

3.Thermal Energy Storage/Concrete Cooling

4.Baking Industry Applications/ Chemical and Dye processing

ALLCOLD Block Ice Machine Models&Specitions:


1.Engine System: Freon System(R404A,R134A,R407C)/Ammonia System

2.Cooling Method: Water Cooled/Air Cooled/Evaporative Condenser

3.Ice Weight: 5kg/10kg/25kg/30kg/50kg/100kg/126kg

ALLCOLD will design and offer the most suitable machine according to clients'requirements.

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