Vegetables Vacuum Cooler


1. Green Cooling: Energy saving &Optimal cooling efficiency

2. Radily Cooling: From 30°C to 3°C  in 20-30 Minutes

3. Accurated Control: PLC combine with sensitive sensors&valves

4. Easy Operation Design: Automatic Control work with touch screen

5.Reliable Parts: Busch/Leybold/Elmo Rietschle/Bitzer/Danfoss/Johnson/Schneider/LS




Vegetables Vacuum Cooler
Vegetables Vacuum Cooler
Vegetables Vacuum Cooler


Vacuum Cooling Technology Brife Introduction:

Vacuum Cooler has been used for many years to rapidly cool  Fresh Produce and Post Harvest Produce ( flowers, vegetables, fruits). Vacuum cooling process works by the rapid evaporation of water from produce under low-pressure situations. During the process energy in the form of heat is required to change water from a liquid to a vapour, this action is the principle of vacuum cooling.The vacuum cooling method of cooling is extremely fast reducing cooling times to minutes instead of conventional cooling which can take many hours. This means that food is fresher and lasts longer.


1.Vegetables(Lettuce/Broccoli/Spinach/Cauliflower/Cabbages/Mushrooms etc.)

2.Flowers(Fresh cut flowers)

3.Fruits(Berries/Cherries/Sweet corn etc.)

ALLCOLD Vacuum Cooler Advantages: 

1.Minimized production losses

2.Improved economic of harvest operations

3.Minimized losses during marketing

4.Improved utilization by consumer

5.Expanded market opportunities

 ALLCOLD Vacuum Cooler Models&Specifications:



1.Skid Options: Whole skid&Split type

2.Function Options: Hydro system&Water spray system

3.Door Options: Hinged Door/Horizontal Sliding Door/ Upwards Open Door/ Vertical Lifting Door

ALLCOLD will design and offer the most suitable machine according to clients'requirements.

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