Baked Bread Vacuum Cooler


1. Green Cooling: Energy saving &Optimal cooling efficiency

2. Radily Cooling:From 30°C to 3°C  in 20-30 Minutes

3. Accurated Control:PLC combine with sensitive sensors&valves

4. Easy Operation Design:Automatic Control work with touch screen

5.Reliable Parts:Busch/Leybold/Elmo Rietschle/Bitzer/Danfoss/Johnson/Schneider/LS 




Baked Bread Vacuum Cooler
Baked Bread Vacuum Cooler
Baked Bread Vacuum Cooler


Vacuum Cooling Technology Brife Introduction:

Vacuum Cooler has been used for many years to rapidly cool ready food such as cooked meat,bread etc. Vacuum cooling process works by the rapid evaporation of water from produce under low-pressure situations. During the process energy in the form of heat is required to change water from a liquid to a vapour, this action is the principle of vacuum cooling.The vacuum cooling method of cooling is extremely fast reducing cooling times to minutes instead of conventional cooling which can take many hours. This means that food is fresher and lasts longer.


Pita Bread/Cooked Meat/Fried Beef etc.

ALLCOLD Vacuum Cooler Advantages: 

1.Minimized production losses

Weather variability during the harvest season can cause produce to mature earlier or later than planned. If the produce is not harvested at the optimum time, losses will occur. Late harvesting may also occur if market opportunities are not available at the desired time. Pre-cooling and cold storage are valuable tools that better allow produce to be harvested on time and sold when markets become available. 

2.Improved economic of cooking operations

The daily cooling may be increased with the assurance that cooked products quality will be preserved. This confidence permits cooking to be done over a longer period, thus spreading out workloads. Daily harvest hours could also be extended because the effect of ambient temperatures on the produce would be lessened. This flexibility results in better use of equipment and personnel. 

3.Minimized losses during marketing

Some types of produce spoil very quickly if not pre-cooled immediately after harvest. These types have to be sold within a day or two of harvesting to be of acceptable quality. Strawberries are a good example. Other examples are leafy vegetables that require trimming to maintain a fresh appearance. Pre-cooling extends the shelf life and thus the opportunity for sale before the produce is no longer marketable.

4.Improved utilization by consumer

Consumers can be supplied with top quality produce with a longer shelf life through pre-cooling. This extended shelf life lessens the urgency to consume or process produce quickly after it is purchased. Consumers are more likely to make larger purchases, enjoy lower handling costs and have more timely product utilization.

5.Expanded market opportunities

Retail marketers require produce of the highest quality that has longest practical shelf life. A highly perishable product that is not pre-cooled, kept cold and handled with care will lose quality and have difficulty competing with a quality imported product. It is also difficult for the lower quality product to meet grading standards. Pre-cooling is, therefore, the key for perishable produce to enter and compete in retail markets. 

 ALLCOLD Ready Food Vacuum Cooler Models&Specifications:



1.Skid Options: Whole skid&Separated type

2.Function Options:Hydro system&Water spray system

3.Door Options: Hinged Door/Horizontal Sliding Door/ Vertical Lifting Door

ALLCOLD will design and offer the most suitable machine according to clients'requirements.

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